21/06/2012 - New build started

-Wish us luck!

29/02/2012 - Alpha V0.5

-Added new vending machine graphic
-Added new intro screen system, skip with buttons/keys/mouse
-Fixed bullet shells and shotgun shells
-Added loading screens, temporary graphics until Louis does something awesome

28/02/2012 - Alpha V0.4

-Mod every (graphical) object in the game!
-Shop objects actually load from the map file
-Vending machines no longer work through walls
-Barricades no longer take damage all at once

17/02/2012 - Alpha V0.3

-Included new characters
-Added right handed character settings, but needs testing before it's ready for ingame use
-Added vending machines, graphics will change later
-Added vending machine purchase menu

11/11/11 - Alpha V0.2

-Fixed some explosives crashes
-Building materials no longer pushed by carried barricade
-Added Zombie Rush alarm sound
-Added an optional explosion camera shake
-Added setting to disable controller vibration
-Added melee attacks
-Made flares and grenades throwable
-Added kill combos
-Fixed sound engine some more, much less crashes
-Added bullet casings that fly out of certain guns
-Edited player graphics
-Added Biokeds awesome shop graphics
-Did more fixing on the sound engine for an equal decrease in crashes
-Made zombies spawn a bit more often
-Sound engine fixed more. Hopefully less crashes!

25/09/11 - Alpha V0.1

-Added ability to set title screen mp3
-Maximum difficulty level set to 6
-Switched to grenade icons, limit set to 5
-Player now regains stamina even when grasped by zombies
-Decreased zombie slowdown effect on player
-Lives limit set to 5
-Fixed walking over movable barricades
-Fixed pause screen
-Fixed flame objects
-Non-Flamer flames kill zombies again
-Switched to delayed player damage from fire
-Fixed most sound related crashes
-Switched to toggled slow motion
-Added setting to set maximum zombies on screen at once
-Added setting to set maximum sounds played at once
-Zombie Rush survival earns bonus points and score
-Zombie Rush now never starts within the first 3 waves
-Zombie Rush now only lasts (at maximum) 2 minutes
-Zombie Rush will only activate a minimum of 1 minute after the last one ended
-Zombie revolver now only lasts 30 seconds
-Barricades no longer make noise when carried over fire
-Blood splats from bullets are now randomly spawned on hit