Thursday, June 21, 2012

Download I Had Hope!

Now that we're re-making the engine, you can enjoy what was I Had Hope Alpha v0.5!

We won't be working on this version of I Had Hope anymore, so please do not report bugs, but if you have a feature suggestion feel free to let us know and we'll see if it will go into the new engine!

Download I Had Hope:

While we work on the new engine, we've released the Alpha v0.5 game and source for free!*

Alpha v0.5 Build -

Alpha v0.5 Source -

Features that might make it into the next engine:

  • Multi-floor buildings
  • Weather effects
  • Weapon and item modding
  • Animals
  • NPC's with AI to help players in quests and provide dialogue
  • Online and LAN multiplayer co-op for a large number of players (depending on how low-latency the network code turns out)
  • 2-4 player splitscreen, one on keyboard and mouse and the others on Xbox360 controllers (or just 4 Xbox 360 controllers), possibly mixing with online gameplay

Want to edit the game? Download Construct Classic:

Construct Classic R2 from

Non-standard effects and plugins used in I Had Hope:
Plugin - TextureSetter by R0J0hound
Plugin - Unique Sprite by lucid 
Behavior - Path Movement by R0J0hound
Effect - Coloured Outline by Luomu

Find any others that stop the source from loading up? Let us know and we'll link or upload it here!

Having problems running the game? Try installing these:

Latest Direct X 9 (not 10 or 11) -

The Visual C++ 2005 Redist -

*Read the Readme.txt file for licensing information