Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Time for a rewrite!

Well, it looks like I'll be re-writing the engine for the game to fit many more features in. Still, this isn't so bad as I've already coded a large portion of the game engine once already, so it can only turn out better!

Here's some ideas that the current engine wasn't designed for but might be possible now:
-> Multi-floor buildings
-> Weather effects
-> Weapon and item modding
-> Animals
-> NPC's with AI to help players in quests and provide dialogue
-> Online and LAN multiplayer co-op for a large number of players (depending on how low-latency the network code turns out)
-> 2-4 player splitscreen, one on keyboard and mouse and the others on Xbox360 controllers (or just 4 Xbox 360 controllers), possibly mixing with online gameplay

I'll need to talk to Bioked first, but as the old engine isn't going to be used it may be released here as open source!

You'll be able to play and take a look through the code of the old Alpha while we make an even better game =]

In the mean time, you can check out the program I Had Hope is developed in, Construct Classic by Scirra.