Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Engine, New Game: Battle Princess Madelyn!

Wow, another year of University just flew by! A few more video projects completed, lots of essays, and already completed a full year of working as a Research Assistant on a few cool projects under my professor from the Design and Code class in second year.

Aside from the new features and bug fixes to Insanity's Blade (on Steam with Chris, we have also been working on our next title: Battle Princess Madelyn! (

It's a 2D platformer with a GnG feel, but with a difficulty that scales to the player ability (or can be locked-in at a super challenging skill level), and Chris had finished the prototype in Construct 2/HTML5 a while back which has this video out:

Over the past few months, we've both been working on porting that to Unity! Native performance, console export, all the things we really need to get this project way beyond where IB could go! :D

We're keeping a dev blog on our website, but have a few screenshots of the early work in porting the game so far (even some added fancy lighting effects!):